Smart Translation

Smart Translation

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  30% Discount on all our services For Dhabi holders :

  1. Legal Translation (All languages)
  2. Localization
  3. Copywriting and Content Creation
  4. Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation
  5. Video Subtitling and Voice Over
  6. Certified Training Courses for Translator
  7. Interpretation Equipment
  8. Website and Profile Design
  9. Notary Public Services
  10. Typing Services
  11. Memorandum of Association
  12. Sponsoring Companies
  13. VIP Services (completing all Government Transactions)
  14. Digital Marketing





Offer Location/s

  • Branch
  • 02-203 1000
  • Marina Mall, Infinity Bldg., B2,Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Get Direction

Kindly note that the Abu Dhabi Chamber does not hold responsibility towards any third party

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